Volcano Laps Challenge

I know there are 3 Volcano Badges, but what about an interactive challenge on top of that? We’re clamoring for a new challenge and yes there or lots of ideas for distance or vert etc. what about laps of volcano circuit in which you get a jersey after say 100 laps. The challenge doesn’t end there though. Every say 100 laps you unlock the next level. With that unlock you also get another “volcano badge or flame” to add to your jersey. So the jersey changes with each volcano badge you’ve unlocked. Yes volcano can be boring, but it offers something interactive as well as a new challenge to chase.

How about a jersey saying “60” on the back for completing Road to Sky in under 60min?

Because level 60 is max right now it would definitely confuse folks as there are numbered jerseys already. I think a cool AdZ under 60 achievement jersey is a fabulous idea. Badge of honor and something to keep in your garage.

Speaking of garages, ability to sell/ dump jerseys. Or have a select few favorites pinned to the top. Tangent from a new challenge

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Or a 1000 Alpes jersey :wink:


Aka straitjacket :wink:


Straight jacket jersey, I like it!