Voice Chat with proximity

As this feature request[1] seems to be closed I would like to bring this on again. A simple voice chat where one can “just talk to the enviroment” would be great. I would be like in real life … you close up to another cyclist and as closer you get the louder you will hear the others voice and vice versa.

With that we would also need a mute and report or flag feature to fight against harassment.

[1] forums_zwift_com/t/proximity-voice-chat/4153

Just use discord mutch easier. :wink:


With discord you can just hear everyone on the discord server (I assume). It would be great to just be able to chat to the riders you are riding with to talk tactics in a race, encourage people to chase, or moan at people for not working.

I appreciate this wouldn’t work when there’s hundreds of people in a group all talking but maybe you just have a push to talk button and only the people within a very small radius can hear you, like in the real world.

Hello , that would be so great.