Using Zwift Hub as a dumb trainer

For the summer months, I canceled my paid Zwift subscription. But we are in the midst of several wet weather days. Is it possible to use the Hub as a “dumb trainer” without paying to restart the subscription? Thanks!

No. You get 25km free per month though.

You can use it with Zwift competitor products that are either free or offer free trials or a free tier of service. Try them all. If you have a modern cycling computer like a Garmin you can also load workouts in that and pair it to the trainer, and watch the tour while you ride.

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Thanks, Paul. I have a Garmin 830. I will investigate what you said about loading workouts into it. I tried to download a couple of the other apps to my laptop, but apparently its version of Windows is too old to support the apps.

Thanks, Stuart. I saw the other day that I had 25km available. But that will go really fast, won’t it!

If your laptop is from a major brand and is licensed for Windows 7 or 8, there’s a good chance that it will automatically be licensed for Windows 10. Even if it isn’t, licensing is not strictly required.

I appreciate the effort, Paul, but I have Windows 10 on that laptop, just not a version that supports the bike apps. I surmise that some piece of hardware has been abandoned by Windows. I have tried many times to update, but with no success. (The installed version is 1803; anything later than that fails to install.)

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I’m frugal – to a fault! My wife just told me, “You worked all those years, we have the money, just pay the $15 per month and quit agonizing over this.” She is a wise woman! OK, Zwift, here I come again!


If you use up 25km fast, then it warrants paying the subscription cost :slight_smile:

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25Km lasts longer riding up Ven-Top. :wink:

Although the new climbing portal isn’t that much more inefficient, ~1Km to reach the portal and then have 8 climb options.

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:slight_smile: Or better yet…get a new laptop…:slight_smile:

A crummy old laptop probably wouldn’t outperform Apple TV either, which is very cheap. Not to say Craig is cheap, I mean Apple TV is a frugal option compared to a potato PC.

I just replaced my PC with one capable of running Zwift more than capably for £40 second hand.
Add in my graphics card that cost me £45 and can run Zwift in Ultra profile and for £85 I’ve a complete setup.

What price is ATV?

Looks like UK price is £149 for the 64GB model. US$129. Odd considering the exchange rate.

US prices are mostly without VAT (which depends - state, city, …). Means not really comparable.
The price here in Austria are € 169 (with today’s exchange rate £ 145).

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And a lot less for a secondhand ATV. Doesn’t make sense to only consider brand new ATV prices if you’re going to compare to a secondhand PC.

Road to Sky ftw :blush: