Use master CAR for controlled start KISS/ZTR

(L M [X]) #1

On the biggest races (KISS/ZTR/EVR it is a challenging problem that the pace from the start hopelessly fast. 6.0W/kg for 1-3 min. This makes many unable to participate and be hooked off even if they really have enough power to join the rest of the race. If we had a master race CAR that released the field in segments. first 2 min max 30 km/h 2-3 min max 35 km/h 3-4 min max 40 km/h after this max speed is allowed. Or something similar, the point is a gradual opening so that it is not a bang out of the cannon. Although I don`t have difficulty keeping up with a KISS start, I see the problem, and the MAX POWER START phenomenon destroys the rest of the race. (stiff legs)

(Stef Levolger) #2

A car could be one thing to use. Although not everybody wants to see cars in Zwift. Another possible option could just be to have a moving barrier during the warmup phase. Where irrespective of the power output generated you are unable to pass.

Similar as to the actual starting barrier, but then moving along with the race leader. That way, everybody can get used to the desired pacing by the race leader during warmup or neutral laps, prior to being set loose.

On social rides I’d say even let it be up to the ride leader to set for such barrier to be activated the entire race. Want to break free on a social ride, simply just exit the group.

(Juan Ferres [BRT]) #3

Yes please, this idea is absolutely fantastic. I’m one of those B riders that can’t be on first A group because of the quick/insane first kms.