URGENT: Companion App for Group Events

Hi Support, For the past week as a leader and also now hearing others in the events are not able to communicate with {Companion App} during Group rides. As a regular leader of AHDR events, could you please escalate? My only resolution so far is to clear the app cache and then perform a complete phone reboot during the start of our rides. My phone is Android on a Pixel Phone using Windows 11 PRO 64. Cheer, Mr. T :wink:

You should probably contact support directly. I don’t think this problem has been mentioned before here on the forum.

@shooj is the team aware of this one?

This is the first I’m hearing about this. Can you provide a little more context please?

Meaning that chat messages in the rides you lead are not showing in in Companion, but they are showing up in the game, or vice versa?
Do you mean more broadly that Companion is not “seeing” the game client and flipping into game mode?

Does this mean you personally saw these symptoms, or are you relaying what others have said in the events you lead? I ask this because I can see your server logs and know which version of the Companion app you have (it’s v3.57).

If these symptoms happened to others - we can’t check theirs because we don’t know who those people are, and would need them to write in to Support.

@shooj This is first hand. Others in-game on rides I’ve led have had communication issues and messaged me personally via Meta Messenger to let me know that they are not ignoring me and saying they have a similar issue, and these are riders who are normally very in-game chatty.

Example: I write a message using my phone to message the group (I see the message on the phone to send), however when I hit send the message does not appear in-game for those to read. NB: I also run Sauce with a window for chat for more chat visibility, and it does not appear there either. I then use my keyboard until I have cleaned the cache for the companion app and reboot the phone to get it working again as it should. Sometimes I’ve needed to do this a couple of times within the hour event.

I have another ride lead tonight for AHDR Hump Day. I will report back again post this ride and also reach out to the group to see if others are having issues.


@shooj all is back to normal. Thank you.