Upright/relaxed Zwift setup for older couple?

The folks are looking for a home fitness setup and Zwift is at a stage that’s perfect for them. I think Apple TV is perfect for them and all I need next is to find a trainer setup that will work for them both. Something relaxed and adjustable, preferably with power or zPower compatible. 

One is 5ft 5inch, the other 5ft 10inch.


The traditional bike + playing around with cassettes at the back really would be a last resort here. I need something the can manage themselves without me as I’m overseas and am not regularly over.


What is the budget for this proposed setup?

In the UK or maybe Europe, the simplest Zwift platform for two different riders might be the Wattbike Atom. (The geometry may not suit those wanting a setup more like a recumbent bike.)

Hey guys,


around a £1000 I think is acceptable for a decent solution. That wattbike looks good, was checking it out, but maybe a touch too aggressive still.

At the moment I’m looking at Flux + cheap sit up and beg step-through bike. The main user is my mother so what would fit her best is most important. My dad would only be on it 2 or 3 times a month as he’s not at home so often. 


There is the initial hassle of it being setup, but once that’s out of the way it should be pretty smooth.


Still hunting for an all in one setup like the wattbike above though before commiting. Wattbike is a bit pricey though!