But I would be glad to be proven wrong :slight_smile:

But that isn’t what happens in Zwift. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You’re saying (and did so repeatedly above) that the game simply upscales 1080p and therefore on a higher resolution display the game looks fuzzier. It doesn’t, it looks sharper. Because it renders in higher resolutions, it doesn’t simply upscale 1080p to the screen as per your analogy.

Put it this way; I have a 1440p monitor. The game when set to 1080p looks fuzzier, because it’s rendering below my monitor’s native resolution. When set to 1440p it looks correct. When set to 4K (which is what I run) it looks even better, because now it’s actually downsampling.

Glad to hear that, Dave!

I bought a 43" TV for my “pain cave”, so I have no first hand experience with 4k… My primary TV is 3D which I have no plan to trade for a 4k without 3D capabilities.

Not sure what graphics card you have but assuming your TV is 1080p you should try the 1440p setting in Zwift if you have it available. The game doesn’t restrict you to your native display resolution and as mentioned, it looks better when downsampled. It has a nice anti-aliasing effect, reducing jaggies. The performance penalty going from 1080p to 1440p in Zwift isn’t massive, a 1050 Ti can handle it. :+1: