Upgrade to kinetic direct drive trainer

First time on forum. I own kinetic fluid trainer and using it over five years and no real issues. Thinking about upgrading to the kinetic direct drive. Wondering if the change in tension etc is worth the $350 price??? anyone make the same switch?

TL;DR: No.

Longer answer: You’re better off making the switch to a new hardware platform like the Zwift Hub which undercuts all other direct drive trainers. It is so close in price to wheel-on trainers it practically obsoletes them in all but the most extreme edge cases.

DCRainmaker’s trainer guide is a large list of trainers to choose from, with justifications. Note that he doesn’t recommend ANYTHING by Kurt Kinetic anymore. They’ve just fallen too far behind on the price/performance/reliability/value proposition.


follow Otto’s advice and get the Zwift Hub.

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I’ve seen speculation that the Kinetic RS is more or less a Magene T100, which might help you find a product review. Kinetic doesn’t publish useful specs for the RS aside from +/-3% accuracy, which isn’t good. Magene says the T100 has max power of 700W, which isn’t good (a large portion of recreational riders can produce a bigger sprint than that). It also claims max gradient simulation of 3% @ 70kg, which is very poor. The battery powered design probably contributes to those poor specs. I agree with the suggestion to get a Zwift Hub trainer if you’re shopping at the low end of the direct drive market.

EDIT: The T100 resistance apparently is not controllable by Zwift or any other app, so I’m not sure what they mean by gradient simulation of 3%. That would be a good question to ask Kinetic if you’re determined to try it.

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thank you !

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i originally started with a kinetic fluid rock and roll, then upgraded the wheel on unit to control, using my old steel bike ( shimano 600 2x6 gears , so cant use wheel off trainer) welds on R&R broke a couple of times, first customer service was great, replacing frame ( guaranteed for life) , next time customer service was poor, they dudnt want go know, wanting me to pay carriage from states ( as much as a new european one) , decided to get stronger road frame ( as they said they would not replace R&R again !), in end after a lot of problems got a “free” replacement ( for R&R ) one from their german warehouse, paying the smaller carriage fee.
I wont be buying from them again !

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Agree with all the above. The Kurt direct drive trainer is not controllable. When you can get the Hub for a great price, maybe still sale price H3s, and Wahoo refurb (with full warranty) Kickr Core’s for $500, the Kurt trainer is not a good deal.

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