Update zwift at end of ride, on exit [SOLVED]

That’s clear, but is there a chance to download new version at least via FTP? With slow link which is time to time interrupted is hard to download ZwiftApp.exe (size unknown), install it and ride. So for me new version = 7days no zwift, but I pay for.

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If you are on PC, you can switch auto updates of.
Android too. But I do not know what happens, when you start the not updated app…

I did not find the option to switch auto update off in desktop (pc) version. But there is a one way how to run ZwiftApp in old version.

I don’t think this is true, you can turn off background downloading, but when you open zwift on pc it will download and install the latest before you can ride.

What will happen if zwift change the way starting pens work for instance, then if you are on a old version you wont be able to join the ride because you version does the wrong thing.

Click on up-arrow


right click on Zwift icon


Background Updating off … it says Updating, not Download … but that’s why I wrote I do not know what happens when you start (not updated?) Zwift - look what Gerrie Delport says; I think he is right (he ist mostly right…)!


Not the same thing. This is Background Updating, while @Capt_Jakub_Sklenar is talking about automatic updates that occur when you open the launcher.

Ok. I ordered a new phone since none of my suff was current enough. It supposed to have android 9.0.0 or slightly higher.

I was just trying to save from having to buy anything more. Thanks for info Mike Rowe

Currently if I’m starting up zwift to jump on a ride and the update happens, then I have to wait for it to complete and potentially miss the ride. Is it possible to give an option to update zwift at the end when I’m closing zwift down?

This is done primarily as in the past some updates have caused riders to go incorrect directions at intersections when different versions are being used.

I’d always encourage you to launch Zwift at least ten minutes before your ride is due to take place. Most updates (system dependent) should only take a few minutes.


Ability to defer or roll back an update would deliver big benefits. In nearly every release there are issues that affect users’ ability to use the game at all, or cause major frustration. I think if you surveyed those users you would find that they’d happily risk a wrong turn in exchange for working around a bug that’s affecting them or that they know will affect them if they update. I know I would. It should just come with a warning that not updating can cause unexpected behavior.

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If we released an update that broke core functionality I would expect us to either roll back or patch within 24 hours.


That’s not the example I’m thinking about, but even in that case you have inflicted a 24 hour outage that could have a simple workaround. That’s a lot of pain and rage that could be avoided. But that kind of critical incident isn’t the norm. What is the norm is that some medium-severity issue drives people insane for a couple weeks, sometimes affecting only a portion of the user base, making it even less likely that a fix will be rushed out.


I suspect we’re going to disagree with one another here, but I don’t feel that would warrant a roll back unless it was something critically affecting our core functionality - also part of the reason we’re now doing staggered releases.

Putting everything on hold in the manner that you’re suggesting would hurt our feature improvement rollout which generally improves the experience for Zwifters as a whole, rather than to damage it for what potentially may only ipact a smaller proportion of the base.

I’m not suggesting that you would trigger a rollback for a non-critical bug, just that you would give the user control over whether they run current or previous, at their own risk. Let’s say you introduce a bug that affects one brand of trainer, or one steering controller. Some of the affected people would be much more satisfied deferring the update (if they hear about the problem from others affected) or reinstalling the previous release so they can use their equipment, or use a feature that they care about a lot. Your pace of development would be unchanged, and it could disrupt your development work less because the users would have an easy workaround.

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That would be nice Paul.

But that will open up the can of worms where someone would not update and then find they can’t join group rides or no results is shown because the backend depend on the client to send the new type of information. Then the help desk would never know what issues are because of not updating and what are new. also people will be on various builds.

Sound like a big pain to me.

If people are happy to forgo updating and having new stuff and be rerouted or not ride in a group then they should probably also be happy to use the workaround, but 99% does not even try the workaround. I stopped suggesting workarounds.

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The can of worms is already open: people are using phones and tablets with auto-update disabled. I keep Zwift on my phone with updates done manually so I can hedge against bad releases that I’m forced to install on my main Zwift machine. I can’t roll back on the phone, but I can defer the update.

The way I would manage version drift is to have a server-side check for the client version and if it’s too old, remind the user to update or don’t let them play if it’s too old. We already know that being one version behind is generally OK, because of staggered releases.


or the other option is possibly be able to adjust where in the rollout you are hit or a one time delay until next launch for those times you are rushing to get to an event.

Since these staggered rollouts started I seem to be getting the updates very near the end if there was some option to force it earlier/later or simple delay until next launch would probably work for a lot of people that seem to be running zwift on a potato that takes hours to update impacting rides.


Hey everyone,

So on the back of this conversation I had a chat with our development team and given we’re now staggering releases it seemed like a sensible time to have a chat and how and when updates are applied.

The good news is that these guys are far more intelligent than I am and are already looking into this with the intention of focing a game update after your Zwift session.

I don’t have any dates for this but please rest assured it’s something we’re working on.


That would be good progress! Then you could kill the app to avoid the update.

Hey all - the Defer Update feature is live with Zwift Launcher app v 1.1.10 for PC and macOS.

Launcher v 1.1.10 is available for download here.

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