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(Andrew Steiner) #1

Hi. I am suggesting an improvement. There are various things that can be unlocked by doing certain things. However, there is no database of what needs to be done to achieve them. At least, not one I can find.

It would be nice to unlock things by putting in the sweat-hours, but I’d like to see a database on the Zwift site showing (1) what can be unlocked, and (2) what is required for each. As-is, it seems like I’m operating blind, which makes it feel unnecessarily like a video game. 

I could just try things blindly, but I have found I get a more reliable workout if I just build it myself, at least in part because I’m still using the bluetooth connection, which has a lag in sending resistance commands to my trainer, so short intervals are a no-go for me, leaving me to build longer intervals.

(Bret Giuliani - RtR) #2


(Andrew Steiner) #3

Thanks for including that. I had come across it before, but it seemed to fall a little short of totally exhaustive. Maybe not, though. In either case, it gives me plenty of things to sweat my way through.

(Bret Giuliani - RtR) #4

You’re welcome.  Go all the way through the posting.  It’s a little bit disjointed, but I believe that all of the available unlocks are listed.

(Gerrie Delport) #5



If you go to the main menu you can all your achievements


(Zee Kryder) #6

Zwift wants to surprise you at times.

Weirdest thing, you earn 808 wheels and from then on just slower wheels.