“Trophy” room in profile

This is a suggestion just to make Zwift more interesting and to give riders more to be proud of. Can Zwift allow riders to have a “trophy” room in their profile. Riders can earn medals and/or trophies for events they play high in or monumental accomplishments such as a 100 mile ride.

Yeah I like this idea. We have badges, but they’re only visible to ourselves in game as far as I know.

One of the most fun parts of achievements is showing them off to other people. What good is a cheevo if you can’t brag about it? :smiley:

One thing I like about Steam is the way that it shows what proportion of players have a particular achievement. e.g. it might say “2% of players have this achievement”, so you get an extra kick out of knowing you’ve got a particularly hard to attain one.

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Exactly. Like marathon runners display their medals. I think it would be great if each person had a trophy room, and can mount their medals or show off trophies. Might also be a way to add incentive.

I would like to suggest that Zwift add a trophy room for each member’s profile. Add medals, trophies, and badges that can be earned in events, races, or accomplishments. Giving members something they can show off their accomplishments, to be proud of and motivate