Trainer Cassette for Wahoo

Is the 11 speed trainer cassette listed in the Cycling Gear page the same as the one that comes with the Wahoo trainer? We’re going to need a new cassette soon and I’m wondering if I can use this one.


Do you mean this page? MicroShift Trainer Cassette for Direct Drive Trainers to Zwift.

If not, please provide the link.

That one is an 11-25T cassette, compatible with Shimano/SRAM, so it’s similar to what is often delivered on Wahoo trainers. (Wahoo has delivered various brands and tooth counts over the years depending on availability).

In your situation, I’d check your current cassette for:

  • number of gears (8, 9, 10, 11, 12?);
  • number of teeth on smallest and largest sprockets, giving you the range.

You will need to get a cassette with the same number of gears as you are currently using.
If you’re used to 11-28T, which is very common, you might find 11-25T a bit limiting on climbs. Changing the cassette range sometimes requires shortening (or lengthening!) the chain.

Also, if you are replacing a cassette due to wear, you might well need to install a new chain at the same time.