Too much resistance on downhill with KICKR

(Sarah Allonby) #1

We’ve had the KICKR now for a week and everything has been great until this morning when I experienced far too much resistance on the downhill sections.  It was fine last night but this morning I was in the big ring and couldn’t come off the first couple of gears nearest the bike at all (sorry not very technical I know!) whereas usually I’m right at the other end of my gears.   It was also affecting my RPM which were way down on the downhill by around 30 RPM and by overall average 10 from last night.   Similar thing happened in the sprint section where my husband noticed my RPM were way down on last night for similar power.   Not sure the uphill is quite right either.  Also I run Garmin as well during session and on Watopia Garmin is usually about 1 mile or so up but today it was 3 miles down.

I changed my weight by 2lb at the weekend but have ridden twice since then with no problems and I’ve checked the trainer resistance and its still set to 50% as previously.  Ant Dongle is on extension right next to KICKR.  Net seemed ok as the ride was fine other than this AND the mobile app that’s been freezing worked throughout.  I’ve looked on the forum and knowledge base but can’t see any solution.  Any ideas please ?  Thanks very much.  Sarah

(Jason K) #2

I’m going to turn this into a ticket so that we can work with you individually on this. Keep an eye on your email, and thanks for the report!

(Vincent Cintron Team Type 1) #3

I had exactly the same problem with my Wahoo kickr last night…i was struggling to go downhill. My ‘easy’ workout was grueling when otherwise pretty accurate