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Seen a few conflicting messages / answers out there.

My question is: if I partake in a group ride or time trial event and achieve my best will it count towards category calculation or is it exclusive to races only?

Old forum had: Your category is calculated by taking an average of your best 3 FTPs in completed races and group rides in the last 90 days.

New forum FAQ same as above but only mentions races.

Why would it matter?

It should not but the FAQ doesn’t make it clear to be the case

Actually, there is a reason to ask this.
If the FTP result in question was obtained on a miscalibrated trainer.
Of course, don’t use an uncalibrated trainer.
I do.
For example right now I am trying to do multiple TOW rides per day. I frequently get out of bed or home from work and immediately jump on my trainer to catch a ride. My trainer is usually not calibrated for these rides. These rides however are usually zone 2 rides so I’m not anywhere close to my ftp…

I think every ride should count as a FTP input unless flagged by the user.

I am seeing efforts from group rides used in my category calculation. I haven’t raced in 90 days but do see 20min efforts from Tour of Watopia and group rides / fundos. Time trials are races and would also count towards category calculation.

I recall in the past that only group start races and time trials were used, but that changed at some point. Probably a good thing to categorize riders based on all performances not just races / time trials.

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Thanks for the response! That’s what I was hoping to be the case. Thanks for confirming it!