Time and distance prior to joining event seems to get lost when saving

Yesterday before joining the event I had signed up for, Tour de Zwift - Stage 1, I spent approximately 10 minutes riding around Watopia. After finishing stage 1 the extra miles I had ridden prior to joining the event were not included in my total activity. Where do those miles go? Also, do you get any credit for the time and distance you spend spinning away while waiting in the startup pen at the beginning of events?

That’s a good question , pretty much what I was googling to figure out. @Mike_Rowe_PBR have you found anything out?

When in the pen you dont get any distance or xp credit, as far as I know.

Generally if you are riding around (i.e. NOT in the pens) warming up before an event, and then you select the ‘Join Event’ button in the bottom left of the screen, the activity you are in is saved as a separate ride from the event, while the miles ridden AFTER the event (presuming you stay in the same world) are counted as additional miles in the event. So, check your activity log to see if you have a separate ride before the event.

Is there any way around this? For example if going to for a distance challenge and you want to join a group meet up or event during your activity but obviously want your ride saved as one activity not multiple seperate activities.