The Inclusion of track bikes and other forms of bicycle.

(Jules Chadderton) #1

As I ride on zwift with a track bike. I would like the inclusion of track bikes? 

(Myles Marshall) #2

I just joined Zwift and ride with a track bike as well. I think your idea is excellent. :slight_smile:

(Zee Kryder) #3

I would like a Flintstones Mobile and a Star Wars Speeder bike. 

(Stuart Bruce Wbr C) #4

Agree with the speeder bikes - maybe on May the 4th (be with you!)


(Megan Bull) #5

What setup do you use for the track bike? I have been trying to workout how I can use zwift with my track bike too. Do you use an indooor trainer or rollers, power meters etc?? Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated

(Myles Marshall) #6

I use a specialized langster with a 48 x 18 gear ratio on a wahoo kickr snap. It works really well. Climbing can be hard at times but that just makes you stronger right?

(Philippe Hamel) #7

look al464  43x13  tacx blue matic with speed and cadence sensor, missing a bit of reallity at my opinion but still really nice on rainy day !!