Taking a Picture

The F10 button on my computer controls volume, so I cannot utilize it to take pictures during my ride? Does anyone know another way? Thanks.

Use the iOS or Android app, otherwise, you’ll need to reprogram your F10 key.

Some keyboards, depending on how they are mapped, will allow you to use the F-keys if you press Fn+Function Key. For example, you can try Fn+F10 to try to take a screenshot.

On my mac Fn/F10 (holding down function key and hitting F10 like others say) doesn’t work for me to get a picture…perhaps there’s another trick or it’s a bug/issue?

Try holding down Alt/Option+Fn+Function key. Easier said than done while riding :slight_smile:

An alternative is to screenshot the entire screen via Shift+Command+3. Or you can screenshot the window via Shift+Command+4, hit Space (to select the window), and then click. Admittedly, these are tricky to do while riding!

the Opt/fn/f10 works on my macbooks  air