Change Snapshot F10 designation

(Chris. K EssexRoadsCC.) #1

I use a laptop setup in front of me. Because its not possible to review the activity after the ride I use Snapshot F10 the most to record sprint, KOM and lap times. Trouble is the F10 button is one of the smallest and furthest away on the keyboard. I could use my android phone app but I don’t want to run the battery down leaving the screen on all the time. Can the Snapshot be changed to Cntrl for example, a bigger closer key.

(Ian Henderson ODZ (B)) #2

Agree. Tricky on a MacBook as Fn + F10 …can’t do this one handed… tricky to pedal and do 2 handed!!

(Michael Henasey) #3

on a MacBook you can change the Keyboard settings to use F keys as-is without having to also press the Fn button

(j m. (mgcc)) #4

You can also use the Mobile link on your phone and then you have an easy button to click. Course you need a phone for this.