Tacx Vortex trainer much more responsive to slope changes lately?


Joined Zwift a few weeks ago (and love it).

Until recently my main quibble was the laggy response of my trainer to slope changes (1 - 2 seconds). Lately it appears a lot more responsive (almost realistic).

My setup is Tacx Vortex trainer via ANT+ to Windows PC.

Anyone else noticed the same thing, or am I just dreaming, or maybe I just got used to the lag?


Cheers and a big Ride On

mine is still pretty unresponsive as far as resistance goes, but also with power output so there is a significant delay (> 5 sec) when winding up for a sprint. actually feel they could do better modelling the resistance to take into account of one’s momentum. not a huge issue given how/why i use the trainer, but still!