Tacx Bushido Smart vs Wahoo Kickr Snap

Hi Guys,

I have been road cycling for 2 years and am now using Zwift to improve my power. I have registered for L’Etape Australia and am currently in the first stage of Zwift Academy. I am not a strong rider at all. My FTP is about 100W and I am just looking for a Smart Trainer and found the Tacx Bushido Smart T2780 on Wiggle for the same price as the Wahoo Kickr Snap. I am now having a little buyers remorse (I get that all the time) and want to return the Tacx for the Wahoo. Do I need to worry or should I just enjoy the Tacx? I am not keen on direct drive as I don’t want to mess around with taking my back wheel off. I have a 11/32 fitted on my dura ace and don’t have a spare cassette so for me it is not worth effort. I guess I am looking for some re-assurance to either return the Tacx and order the Wahoo or at my level both trainers will be more than enough. Thanks for all your feedback!

I bought a Tacx Vortex from wiggle as it was pretty cheap around £250, 1/2 the price at the time of the Snap. Well, a few months in it totally broke it wouldn’t connect to ANT+ so luckily I sent it back as a dead unit. I got another Vortex and the same thing happened after a few months. I bit the bullet and bought a SNAP as I had spent a lot that year with wiggle got a nice discount. 

The Snap is a much better product than the vortex, the weight of the flywheel and the feel of it was just very different.

The only thing I would say to do is have a spare wheel that has a turbo tyre on it, going up the 16% mountain would slip without a conti turbo tyre.

For now, wait until the tacx breaks then RMA it to wiggle then buy a snap.

Hi Alan,

Thank for your response. I actually have spoken to Wiggle and returned the Tacx Bushido without unboxing it and bought the Wahoo Kickr somewhere as Wiggle does not stock it. :slight_smile:

I am so happy I did that. Read so many reviews about Tacx’ quality of build. The kickr is a tank and I love it. 

Have not done a full on climbing work out yet, but will look into a different tire if I have any issues. Sprinting o it is great.