Switching courses during sesion

  1. I would like to be able to switch from one course to another while in session. Lets assume I am riding the jungle loop and after half hour I decide to ride the mountain loop instead because a friend started Zwifting and is riding that course. If I stop pedaling and I go to Menu there should be a button that would allow me to change courses without being required to log out. After that Zwift should be able to take me from the point where I stopped to the junction point with the new course and then continue on the newly selected course. Today I have to have a cell phone to change course but even after that Zwift would bring me back to the old course if i do not continue making a selection at each turn.

  2. When somebody I am following on Zwift is joining Zwift while I am Zwifting already and I don’t have the cell with me a message should appear on the screen telling me that the person I follow started zwiting and the course is he riding.

Yes totally. +1

I would love to have this option, it takes about 5 mins to sign out and in again.





thats the button i am locking for to

Why hasn’t this awkward starting menu issue been addressed yet? People have complaining about this for so long… it’s totally contra-intuitive. Why the stubbornness?