Sudden/ Surging Changes in Resistance/ Slope

There are at least two places on Zwift that when crossing that line, there is a temporary but sudden slope and resistance change I experience.

One place that happens is in Makuri - ride through the tunnel out of Neo Kyo into the farmlands, and right when the gravel road changes to cross-road. This happens actually in both in and out directions and consistent on my KickR bike.

I do not recall this happening earlier but started to happen. Another place where I cannot really name where it is but it is at a fork in Watopia where I take the left to go through a tunnel bridge to get to the Volcano or right to keep going up to the Italian Villa. The resistance and slope resume back to normal after the jarring effect.

It seems to be that in these two places there is a change in some type of zone (as though a new set of assets are being loaded there). There is usually a flash of a screen or likewise effect in these “splice” points.

Not a show stopper but it is jarring and a bit surprising.

Looks to be the same as reported here

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i experienced the one in Makuri in both directions too. It didn’t used to happen so maybe with the latest update something got changed.

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The first one is being looked at I think.

The second one (if it is where I think it is) i’ve noticed a graphics bug where you appear to jump up a bit but i haven’t noticed any gradient change with it just the visual thing.

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I noticed the same thing in the Italian Villa the past few days when riding with the Coco bot — right before going up the hill on the way out of town. I recently changed from a Kickr Snap to a Kickr Core, and I was wondering whether that might have something to do with it. On AppleTV.

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Great to know. That means it’s not my KickR Bike specific.

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HI had same problem today doing a erg session suddenly pushing 2000 yes 2000 then 0 and the 25000 I wish - noticed it has happened since recent update by Zwift is any one having issues with connecting to zwift via Bluetooth since latest update as i cannot link my stages bike anymore :unamused: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: