Strange effort (power) feeling during drifting in group ride vs robopacer

I have been feeling something strange (power output) during group ride for long time now and it just became significant.
e.g in group ride in front of leader (30-40 secs), I have no problem, very consistent but with leader or sweeper, I really struggle to keep up. Leader would be doing 2.0wkg and I would be doing 3.5-4.0wkg (same weight as leader). As I fall back behind sweeper with few helpers doing 3.5-4.0wkg, I can overtake them as solo doing 1.5-2.0wkg… as soon as I join with group or sweepers it repeats, unless I fly so far ahead.

Also, there are few spots in some routes, pedalling just become so easy, almost fee spin (2-3 pedals)

It could just be me feeling super sensitive but putting out there if anyone else experiencing the same thing.

Thank you advance.

Sounds like Pack Dynamics 4.1 is at work. It’s “normal” (by design) that you have to achieve overtaking speed to move up and it requires a lot of extra power if you are right behind other riders. I’ve also experienced situations, especially on descents, where I’m right behind a rider and need to do 2X their power or more to move out of their draft.

Thank you Paul. I thought it was P. D 4.1 too. But I am not trying to over take the leader, I trying to stay with leader and the rest of group doing half of my output. Eventually I fall behind and the rescue group comes along. (not sweeper).
If I say about robopacer group rides, I have no problem staying with it.

I’m not aware of any pack dynamics differences between robo pacer groups (free rides) and group rides, assuming not banded. I don’t think anyone has reported that, and I haven’t noticed it. Unless there’s a bug I don’t know about, it’s just determined by the circumstances.

You are right Paul. I cannot pin point when it actually occurs but I believe it is circumstantial.
Some groups are perfectly fine and some groups are worst. (major Teams).
For instance, when I installed 1.58 it was no problem at all. 1.59 was bad… ‘full stop’. Now 1.60 it is random.
I was “following” a group of helpers producing 3.0-3.5wkg and I was only producing ~2.0wkg. As soon as I arrived to main group Yellow and Red out putting 2.0wkg, I had to put 3.0-3.5 to stay with them.

I’ll stay with ROBOPACERS for a while,
Thank you for your support anyway.