Strange differences between riders


For the first time I was in a race in London, at the downhill, I was surprised to see some other competitors are faster thant me will theyre powermeter indicate 0 W/Kg (me between 3 and 4 W/kg).

I use a tacx smart Neo 2017 hometrainer and the windows software version of zwitf.

Can you explain this strange thing please ?

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They could weigh more or have a more aero bike within game.

Yes that is possible, I can go down sections of BoxHill at 60kph at 0 rpm but i have to get up to speed first.



Like Paul and Gerrie mentioned, your speed in Zwift will reflect real life factors like gravity, mass, speed before coasting. On the descents, a heaver rider will have an advantage as will a more aero bike setup. You’ll coast at speed down the hill just like in real life.

Is Crystal referring that I am a Heavy rider? I always thought that I have better bike handling skills going down.


Just Kidding. 






Thank you for your answers, however, for information,
I weigh 80Kg, so I am not especially a light weight,
I can guarantee that in real life, one does not exceed me
so easily downhill.

If you rode with me this morning It could have been me passing you, i’m 30 kg heavier than you. when I go over the top i kick as hard as I can get my speed pretty high then stop pedaling and my Avatar goes into a super tuck and I can pass a lot of guys. 

You can see the red there in the bottom that is above 400w (this picture is from an older ride)


I don’t often post downhill results. This is a section of a real life ride you can see my cadence is 0 rpm and my speed 61.2km/h. (ignore the power value as that is calculated power, I did not have a power meter on my bike)

Also some bikes have an aero advantage (the Tron and TT bikes) over the more standard bikes.