Steering on mountain bike course - feedback!

I unsuccessfully try to steer with my LG V30 running the companion app.
Are there any specific prerequisites? Sensors, Android version, etc.?

Idea: Add a functionality test page, so we don’t need to drive 3 km just to find out that it’s not working.

Just trying it out today and loving it! Steering works great for me and Repack ridge is a lot of fun. 8:25.7 is my best time!

Did you try increasing the sensitivity on the left bottom corner ( slider ) I had to decrease mine ( Iphone 7 ) and it was working nicely.

I tried it with our Kickr Bike (no front wheel, no turning the handlebars) and my iPhone running the companion app. The iPhone was mounted to the bars and I was able to use my thumbs to push the phone one way or another, leaning it in the right direction. It was wild at first, but once I turned down the sensitivity I was able to navigate the rest of the course pretty well. I got 7.5/ 10 stars.
I wonder if Wahoo will implement a way of implementing steering on the Kickr Bike that works in an easier way… Hopefully !

Tried it out yesterday and loved it! Completely distracted me for 10 minutes. Forgot I was working out. I’m using iPhone 7 for companion app and iPad for primary app. Worked on the first try. 8.5 stars :frowning: Got to go back and get that extra half star. I’m sold (Kinetic turntable riser is in the mail). Please keep developing steering courses!

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