Steering on mountain bike course - feedback!

I unsuccessfully try to steer with my LG V30 running the companion app.
Are there any specific prerequisites? Sensors, Android version, etc.?

Idea: Add a functionality test page, so we don’t need to drive 3 km just to find out that it’s not working.


Just trying it out today and loving it! Steering works great for me and Repack ridge is a lot of fun. 8:25.7 is my best time!

Did you try increasing the sensitivity on the left bottom corner ( slider ) I had to decrease mine ( Iphone 7 ) and it was working nicely.

I tried it with our Kickr Bike (no front wheel, no turning the handlebars) and my iPhone running the companion app. The iPhone was mounted to the bars and I was able to use my thumbs to push the phone one way or another, leaning it in the right direction. It was wild at first, but once I turned down the sensitivity I was able to navigate the rest of the course pretty well. I got 7.5/ 10 stars.
I wonder if Wahoo will implement a way of implementing steering on the Kickr Bike that works in an easier way… Hopefully !

Tried it out yesterday and loved it! Completely distracted me for 10 minutes. Forgot I was working out. I’m using iPhone 7 for companion app and iPad for primary app. Worked on the first try. 8.5 stars :frowning: Got to go back and get that extra half star. I’m sold (Kinetic turntable riser is in the mail). Please keep developing steering courses!

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Works a treat , love it , S8 Android running Zwift and S10 running companion app.
Hot tip for a quick setup , slightly loosen stem clamp bolts and let the bars swivel on the stem , no turntable required !!


Hi Mick,
that sounds a great idea. Good call.
“Ride On”

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Even added grease now and getting fussy with the torque settings , sounds silly but easy to do and my kicker bike is just a shiter that sits there so what’s to lose :wink:

Just remember to tighten it all up before your next race. I wouldn’t want to try to sprint with a loose set of handlebars. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all,

I’m new to Zwift and as a MTB’r I was very excited to hear about the new steering feature. I have seen it work well at a buddies house. He uses his iphone and an appletv. I however am using an android and my PC and I cannot steer at all. I can reach the course and see the prompts… But the steering is non-existent. Is this not possible with a PC and android running companion app? I was stoked to try it out and now I’m frustrated and disappointed. I have location services enabled, no magnetic strip… Latest versions. I’m at a loss. Little help anyone?

Windows10 and a S10+ steering works quite good, couldnt say its something thats a game changer for me personally but I supose it has possabilities.

I did the mountain bike course last night. Honestly I love the course. Hate the steering. You don’t steer like that irl anyway you lean to turn. Should have an option to at least turn it off. PLEASE make more singletrack. A UCI course would be awesome. You have UCI road courses. Why not a mtb? Plenty of MTB people use zwift to train. I don’t race road. I barely rode road and have used Zwift for a few years.

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A UCI course would be awesome. You have UCI road courses. Why not a mtb? Plenty of MTB people use zwift to train. I don’t race road. I barely rode road and have used Zwift for a few years.

YES PLEASE! I have been waiting for more singletrack and gravel since the MTB & Gravel bikes were released… those bikes don’t do much good without places to ride them.


After trying to do it twice today it was giving ne the rage. My final answer is steering sucks. In order to get 8 stars I have to basically coast. Zwift has barely catered to the mtb segment since inception. We finally get something for singletrack and we have to be part of some beta pilot. Sorry for the b session but I love thre course. But I don’t want to ride it if steering outs on it.

Here is my feedback, as a new Zwift user.

First, on steering itself - well, it’s hard to say with certainly (why it is explained below), but it seems like it still needs a lot of polishing.

Now about the test itself - it’s very badly thought through and leaves frustrating impression.

  1. The idea of getting access to it through the game world is just bad - as a new player, I had to google and poke around for 20 minutes just to get there. I also need to repeat this procedure to get their again - that really seems like those who decided on that didn’t actually think a lot of all the consequences. You must go there by hitting some button in main menu, or you must offered to teleport there right after you spawn on the route.

  2. The test itself is very badly planned. Whoever thought about making it a hard route with a lot of steep slopes isn’t very wise man, and probably not very experienced in the world of QA too. It’s so hard that you can’t really concentrate on the steering itself, most of the time, and have to try to get accustomed to frustrating new experience AND change gears while spinning your pedals at the same time. I understand that I’m not the very good athlete (pretty crappy, actually) - but is that was your main goal, to limit amount of free testers you can get to only pretty fit cyclists? I can’t believe that, to be honest, that wouldn’t be a very efficient approach to testing.

  3. The frustrating experience it leaves with you is so hard that I don’t even want to try it again any time soon - and that’s a failure of this thing as a proper test. You’ll get negative feedback on the test itself, instead of adequate feedback on steering.

Here is how it needs to be implemented properly:

  1. There must be 3 stages of testing, each accessible individually from some menu, without you moving anywhere in the world

  2. Stage 1 is a completely plain route with very simple turns where you don’t need to spin your pedals at all; you just move ahead at speed you can change on the go, and can concentrate on steering alone, getting accustomed to it; at the end of it there may be a few more complex turns at a higher speed

  3. Stage 2: is still very simple route, mostly plain (slopes no greater than 2-3%), with simple turns - but now you need to spin your pedals

  4. Stage 3: this current test, for those who learned how to steer pretty well, at that point and wish to have a really tough exam - that’s what your current test is: a tough exam

Sorry for may be a bit rough feedback, but it just got on my nerve.


Would be great if future versions of steering supported smart bikes with buttons like the Stages SB20, or other options, so that users don’t have to mount their phones and hope the accelerometers are sufficiently calibrated/sensitive.

Great feature. I use an iPad Pro and the steering sensitivity is too small. Could this setting be saved so I dint have to stop and adjust it each time.

Hi, I have been steering on and off since March. Enjoyed the challenge of riding the course. I have tried it a couple of time over the last couple of weeks and when I get to the end and when asked for my opinion, I submit them. Zwift crash and I loose all game data from the point I started the mountain bike section. I tried an apple tv my normal setup it has worked fine previously tried and iPad last night and it did the same. Zwift know something has gone wrong, When I start it again it asks me if I want to resume. Is anyone else having this problem?

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