Starting racing

Hi, I have been zwifting since last year christmas, I’m 15 y/o and cycling was basically my whole life but I was never starting in any races, during this year I found out about power and cycling training more, I have completed couple training plans like tt tune up or build me up but mainly I have been racing on zwift. I did ftp test like a week ago and it says 4.6 w/kg (240w), and I wanted to ask some athletes with racing experiance- should I try racing irl in 2023 (I would race in u16 category) basing on my power, can I possibly wish for some decent results (I’m polish so there cycling isn’t on some f.e belgium level) or should I just focus on improving.


you learn though experience so you should start as soon as possible, fitness and strength will come naturally. besides, you won’t even know whether you actually enjoy it until you try it

IRL racing, you need to get with a club and learn the race craft, following wheels properly and getting used to close riding, etc. You’ll also learn a bit of how to play mind games with other riders, because they will do it to you if given a chance.

Track riding is a good place to start, in my old club most of the junior riders all started on the track first from a very young age.

Sounds like you are off to a good start.