SMo2 humon Hex

Is it possible to support SMo2 devices into Zwift. This will be excelented to measure real Lactate info in trainings support.

++ I am interested in this as well

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I just got the Hex and will do my first Zwift ride with it shortly…I am concerned that by switching from the Hex App and Zwift Companion during the ride I will get drops. It would be awesome if Zwift could get the same data field as Garmin so riders could see their effort zones.

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You should not get drops of any sort in Zwift while running the Hex app unless you are pairing devices via the Companion app.

If you are bridging BLE devices via the Companion app, I would still expect that dropouts should not be a problem since the Companion app will run in the background.

I guess you will find out shortly. Let us know how it goes. Also, if you would share your Hex observations, opinions, etc., that would be great too!

No Drops! The only issue is to properly utilize the Hex I needed to run that app in real-time which means I couldn’t really do anything in Zwift. In a perfect world I would love to see my Hex score/color on my TV screen and have my phone showing the Zwift Companion App while the Hex App is running in the background. For racers the Hex is a fantastic training tool and I think it will become popular…so…might be a nice addition to the Zwift heads-up display!

Have you been using the Hex for a while now? If so, how does the Hex data compare w/your RPE? Does the Hex output line up approximately with intervals in specific zones (e.g,. sweet spot, threshold, vo2, etc…)

Hey Lin,

Thank you for the time you put in this forum.

Finally the hex get some attention. I follow this forum daily for updates.

I use the Hex for building up season.

I belief in the Hex and see it as a important trainingtool. Like Jim says in the perfect world it should be a perfectly tool combined in Zwift.

And Zwift give feedback realtime the personal training zone u are in. Better than heartrate, better training feedback after the training.

I would say it’s a must and will be a big breakthrough for Zwift and the Hex and as result a big advantage for PERSONAL training support.

I’ll now that the perfect world is possible like Garmin does on there devices.

Greatings from the :netherlands: Netherlands,

Maarten Splinter

I only have two rides with the Hex so far…so I am still in data collection mode. It is the most brutally honest information you can get while riding…you can see when you are warmed up, when you aren’t recovered, when you cross threshold, and if you are blown up. With some time I think I will be able to use it to really drill down on certain zones…particularly TT efforts, in-race recovery, aerobic threshold, and finally…when I should just get off the bike and rest.


Yes its true, for me it is mind blowing how important a good warming up is and how important for a good training. Trough the Hex i’am now be able to see what my condition is.

I think when the 2 worlds come together more people make the transfer to the Hex.

The hex is bigger than watts and heart-rate.

It give realtime information how much oxygen there is in the legs.

I’ll know that there are a lot cyclist and runners using the Hex. And in the raining and cold days indoor trainers. And also Zwift.

But not everyone is reading the blog’s.

Maybe it is interesting to do a poll for Zwift.

How many people actually will train with the Hex.

For my it is the innovation future training the Hex in Zwift.


Maarten Splinter

I’m definitely interested in picking up a Hex, but am waiting for a sale or discount code.

From what I have read in a few places, I think the Hex is quite interesting. I would love to do some of my own experiments to compare with power, HR, and RPE. Also, it would be interesting to trade notes w/others who have done the same. My training is based on power, but I do record HR. I think getting the Hex data would just be another piece of data to quantify and/or confirm what I probably already know based on power and HR. But, I still think it would be fun.

As for Zwift adding Hex support, I really do not see it happening. I really cannot imagine that there exists a large enough subset of Zwift users who are also Hex users. After all, the Hex is a very niche product.

Got my Hex today, exciting to ride with it later today. It’ll definitely be useful for Zwift to support O2 readings else were stuck with multiple device data points

Ride onđź’Ş

Met vriendelijke groet,

Maarten Splinter

I’ve just been reading everything I can about the Humon Hex and I am very close to pulling the trigger to buy one. It seems smo2 could even more useful for riding than hrm and power, if that could seem true…

Zwift support would be fantastic, although I don’t know what it would entail as Watts drive everything in zwift.

5kmrunner’s review has a discount code btw .

This is still relevant, I think. It would be a lot more useful of zwift could pair with sensors such as the humon hex to collect data so it could be shipped on to applications like wk04, time synced to heart rate and power data.

Please, please prioritize this. Fiddling around with multiple applications to achieve data capture is so 1980s, and achieving time synchronization is a pain.