Smart trainer decision

OK…hit abit of a crossroads with Zwift. I’ve been bumped upto CAT A with a dumb trainer set up…really enjoyed the experience until today’s first A race - totally smashed and miles slower on the normal course I do.

So, Im all for getting a smart trainer as I believe the dumb trainers are capped at 400w, but I struggle to hit that even when sprinting all out - so what’s the point?

I’ve used a wattbike over the years when injured and numbers have always been good with a solid running back ground(3.43 1500m).

Any advice, help would be great.

I’m fairly confident you’ll get much higher than 400W sprinting with a power meter or smart trainer. Based on VO2 you should hit A+ with legit power pretty quick if you’re still in sub 4min 1500m shape or not too far removed from it.

Hey…thanks for reply.

Picked up my Wahoo kickr today and dabbled in a race to halfway as I had done a hard Ski session…game changer. Start was way better and could keep up on hills. Can’t wait to race.