Simplify finding favourite bikes, wheels, etc. in the 'garage'

I have four bike frames, two jerseys, etc. that I flip between. I would love to have my favourites show up first in their respective lists rather than having to scroll through everything. What I would like to see is the ability to select my favourite items (with a toggle or radio button beside their description in my garage) and then have their respective lists start first with the items I have selected then continue with the rest of the items I have.

For example - I like the Cervelo gravel bike, the Specialized S-works Atheos, the Specialized S-Works Venge and the Tron. If I toggle those four ‘on’, I’d want them to show up first (maybe highlighted to indicate they are a ‘favourite’) then have the list continue with the rest of the 15 or so frames I have in my garage.

Hi @David_Williams_D2 , welcome to the forums!

See this thread, a long standing request.

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