Should I Increase FTP partially through a plan?

I’m in the fourth week of the Build Me Up Plan and I although it started at the right level of difficulty I’m feeling like that is no longer the case. I’m debating whether or not to:

  • Increase my FTP.
  • Add additional workouts or plan.
  • Switch to another plan.

However, I’m unsure if this would be wise. My primary concerns are:

  • The Build Me Up plan will increase intensity and I’ll find myself over my head.
  • I’ll end up over training and end the plan with worse results.
  • I’ll burn out before race season starts.

My goal for training is to pick up a win or two when crit season starts. Haven’t raced in years and I’ll be racing cat 5, maybe 4 (not sure how many points I have from years ago).

Was wondering if anybody had any advice?

The first four weeks of that plan work on your steady state fitness but the next four weeks work your VO2 max fairly regularly. The last four weeks try and put it all together and it really does ramp up the difficulty level at this point. You may want to see how the first few workouts at VO2 max go before you decide to up your ftp either by taking another ramp test or just manually upping it by small increments until you are satisfied.

Thanks, I appreciate the advice. After riding for a couple weeks of the VO2 max portion I’m still feeling hungry for more, I’m going to slowly start incrementing my FTP.