Shoes for wide feet

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I’m after some shoes for the bike but I have an issue at the moment whereby my feet seem to be going numb. A while back a guy on another cycling forum said I probably have “hot foot” from the fact that the shoes are too tight and my feet swell up during riding. He seemed to be right as if I slackened off the shoes I would suffer less with the issue, but in recent years its become worse so I think it’s time to get some new ones.

Would you recommend any particular brands for wider foot types? Outside of Zwift I normally do road cycling on a road bike but I had considered getting some MTB shoes so I can walk places easier, do MTB shoes have any problems with Shimano SPD pedals, are they generally compatible with the SPD cleats?

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Depends what you mean by SPD cleats. The original Shimano SPD cleat is a metal MTB (2-bolt) cleat that only works with 2-hole shoes.

Today, there are also Shimano SPD-SL road cleats (plastic, 3 hole) that only work with SPD-SL road pedals. These are similar to Look road cleats.

You can’t use SPD-SL cleats with a mountain bike shoe.

With that out of the way? Any time someone asks for a shoe recommendation dealing with ‘problem feet’, I always point to Bont.

They are great shoes. Stiff, light, and shaped to fit feet - the toes are ‘boxy’ not ‘pointy’. What’s more, every shoe they make is heat-moldable. You warm them in the oven (w/o the insoles), then put the insoles back in and put them on while they are still warm and pliable to customize the fit to YOUR feet. They also come in multiple widths.

I’m on my second pair now (each has lasted several years), and I’m about to order a 3rd.

Look up Bont Cycling online to see what they have to offer. Use the size guide to determine the best size & width for you.

(no, I don’t work for them or receive anything for endorsing them. they’re just good.)

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From what I remember, Shimano does a “Wide” shoe fitting in their range of cycling shoes.


Specialized make a wide shoe.

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Hi I have a size 6 shoe and I took them to the cobblers where they have a steamer and device that widens the shoe works really well and no more hot spots

I have EE width feet, relatively high arches and relatively high volume across the instep.

Shimano makes an Extra Width version of some models that works out to a US “E” width. I’ve been wearing some flavor of Shimano extra widths for the past 20 years. They make the extra widths at the very high end of the price range and some at the entry level price points.

Sidi also makes wide versions of some models - I have not tried them, so I can’t speak to how they compare with Shimano.

Lake Cycling makes shoes that go wider still - up to EE width on the US scale. Just picked up a pair recently. Not entirely sure the extra width makes enough of a comfort / performance difference compared to the Shimanos, if I am honest with myself.

Lintaman is a Japanese brand that makes an interesting design that accommodates even wider feet.

Bont is an Australian brand that will custom-make a shoe for you specifically, but custom will of course be the most expensive route.

My recommendation is Bont!
Many different shoes, good customer support.
I got 2 different to try, sent 1 back, happy with the others (for 6 month now, about 4000 km, no issues). Heat molding is the key!

PS. I am not working for Bont and do not want to advertise; it is just my opinion and experience.
Living in EU, got the shoes from the Europe distributor directly.

Vittoria Shoes is another to add to the list of who make a wide shoe option.

They will also custom make sizes at no additional cost (just lead time).

Another vote for Bont shoes. 3 differences. I bet you’ll find one that suits you.

Lake shoes.

Northwave are quite wide and solved my problem

Hello James!
You can also try these shoes which are mention below
Lake CX332
Sidi Ergo 5 Mega
Bont Vaypor-s
I’m not an expert I telling you on the basis of my own research.

Plus 1 for Northwave.

For those wondering: Are Peloton Shoes True to Size? The answer is yes. For women’s shoes, Peloton offers sizes from 36-43 EU or 5-12 US. Women’s shoes don’t offer halves of sizes, so it’s a good idea to round up to the next large size to make sure the shoe doesn’t look too small. For men’s shoes, the brand offers a range of sizes from 7 to 13.5 inches. They also offer half sizes in the men’s shoe category, which makes it easy to choose the right size for your feet. Also, if you want to buy for your child, I recommend choosing a size less than half the size of the child’s original foot size because children’s feet are smaller and less narrow than adults’ feet.

I found the Bont cycling shoes to be very comfortable for wide feet.

I would recommend Guardian Blaze B093DTXTTD, bought these shoes for my son, great fit for people with large feet. It was very difficult to buy shoes for him until we found this shoe, perfect fit and very comfortable, he loves it and when he runs he says it doesn’t feel tight at all.

My bikefiter told me that these only have more upper material but not a wider sole in contrast to some other brands so it does only help with higher feet but not with wider feet.