Shift + T opens Garage then boots from ride

On two occasions while typing a message I have unwittingly opened the new Garage (I think with Shift +T). The only option is to click close, which boots one from the ride. Today it just left me following the group but I needed to ‘steer’ to stay on. On 03.03.19 it booted me to a different world.

Same here. I try to change bike when I reach the top of alpe the zwift, when I came out of the garage I coudnt go back into the game! I had to hit ride and it took me out of the alpe the zwift. I was really pissed off! I just wastes 17 free downhill km!!

Same issue. Opened the garage by mistake, now can’t return to the game though it’s running in the background. If I hit esc I can end and save my ride but no option to continue