Seting up events

How does one go about setting up/organising an EVENT?  Is this through direct discussion/negociation with ZWIFT?


Did you find out how to do this?

Rob, unfortunately not, no one replied and its not obvious anywhere else.  I haven’t yet got round to asking ZWIFT directly.

Email events ‘at’ if you are interested in creating an event.  Be sure to describe the type of event you wish to host.

Just emailed that address that bounced straight back with an undeliverable. Maybe I will raise a ticket and get to you that way.

Did you get an answer?  I am wanting to start an event as well.

Turns out the Google account in my normal address had been disabled so, when sorted, did manage to email the events address. My enquiry was about running events. Did not get a specific answer to that email although have been engaging with Steve Bennett from Zwift on the Zwift Runners FB group.

I think Zwift could do with an event setup request form then they can ask for the all info they really need.