Separate rider view and hud


Maybe this is possible, but I can’t find examples. I would like view the ride with no HUD on my main screen, but still have all the info on a separate monitor. I am using a pc with local screen next to bike and then large TV on wall. If I could run the companion app on the PC as well as zwift this would be something, but this is not possible?


No it’s not possible. Could you cast the companion app to a 2nd screen?

You could register a free 2nd account just to fan view for 2nd screen

Depending on your kit, you may still be able to display a lot of data on the GPS head-unit that you use for cycling in real life.

I would be happy to have a ‘cyclometer’ visible in 1st person view that showed most of the data (power, speed, gradient, mileage, etc; no minimap or riders nearby). This could occupy a small space at the bottom of the screen. (Yes, this is just like FulGaz has.)

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I am using this from zwifthacks on my 3rd screen.