seeing many more jerseys - how does one get these or are they bespoke?

(Jerry Bob) #1

I’m seeing more and more bespoke jerseys which don’t seem to be those earned through level increases. Does anyone know where these come from? Ie pink jerseys, gcn jerseys, ride on 15 jersey , alien jersey … Would be interested to know thanks.

(Anja Ernst (R2) WBR (C)) #2

Well I don´t know how to earn the pink jersey but the ride on 15 jersey I guess you´d achieve if you get 15 ride ons during one ride. The other jerseys for excample the alien jersey is something you can unlock with entering a promo code. Press the P key and then enter the code, for the alien jersey the code Goalienware for excample :wink: there´re more promo codes around in the web, A collection from codes you´ll finde here


(Jerry Bob) #3

Thanks Ani. Much appreciated. 

(A Stewart) #4

15 jersey is for Level 15.

20 is for Level 20.

They are earned not typed. =)