Saddle Soreness

Yeah the Neo does move a bit but I’m reluctant as I feel I’m going to break something. I feel really restricted when standing up. It sort of feels unnatural to have the bike bolt upright. I’m really interested in the rocker plate idea though.

I can see a bike fitter in Glasgow, Gary Kirk, who specialises in SMP saddles. I will give him a go when visits are possible again. I’m also wondering whether the bikes I have are really properly set up for me. Could I need the bars up for example? Is my saddle to far forward etc etc. I do find on my CX when I’m outdoors it’s less painful than the road bike.

Absolutely. I do the same. I pretend I’m pulling the brake and things like that to mimic riding on the road. Yes I’m off my head!!! Anything to distract me from the pain in my legs. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

That’s not cheap but it’s not bad if it gets rid of this pain. A price I would be willing to pay. Are there any other manufacturers you’ve seen that are any good?

Brilliant. That’s what I was hoping to hear. I intend to do most of my training on turbo trainer as I can do the proper wattage for the correct amount of time (in ERG mode). I was hoping to get a power meter so I could do more outside but I think that a saddle fit and a rocker plate have taken priority (and the fact that the power meter I want is the new SRM X-Power and they’re not in stock anywhere. :joy::joy::joy:)

Great article. I can see it’s not the same but it’s very much closer than what it is right now.

Thanks for your input and help.

Yes true, workouts are relentless.
Like you I’m doing a training plan. My schedule is to workouts Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. I do a free ride on Weds, could be hard or easier depends how I feel, but I can do a bit of free wheeling. On Sat I do the Pack group ride. Sunday, may have a day off, again depends how I feel.

I was hoping this wasn’t the case. I don’t mind a bit of soreness but this was unbearable.

Brilliant. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have a look at that. :+1:

Yes they are. I was doing Zwift FTP workouts but wasn’t seeming to get anywhere. I discovered TrainingPeaks and a coach that uses it. Brilliant program. I’m doing an Intermediate “Master” plan by the coach. This is for over 40‘S or folk with less time. It’s 6 weeks on a ratio of 2:1 weeks. 2 hard weeks followed by 1 active recovery week. I’m on active recovery week where there are two rest days instead of 1 and the workouts keep your fitness level but reduces stress and fatigue. The standard plan is a 3:1 ratio. Normal week has only one rest day and has off bike strength and conditioning training and nutrition advice. For somebody like me new to proper training it’s great.

I’m a little envious of the Saris MP1 rocker plate shown in those videos. My Coplate has no fore/aft rocking. But the Coplate is a lot less expensive than the Saris. The Coplate does have a bit of a “hobbyist Maker” feel to it, but it’s solid, and it has worked well for two years. I can’t really speak to any of the others.

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Change saddle as suggested, use chamie cream, reduce length of rides for a while, change position during rides, get out of the saddle on the hills.

Afterwards use Something like Sudocrem to treat any soreness.

If it continues take a break and/or see a doctor.

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Also don’t spend a fortune on saddles, planet X have an excellent range.

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Yeah I’ve just seen that one since I wrote that post. From DCRainmaker and GPLama it’s the forward and backward motion that’s actually the game changer especially for comfort and the side to side does very little. At £999 I think my personal financial controller will tell me to **** off. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I could justify buying the Neo but what appears to be a board on springs will be too hard a sell. I would love it though. I’m not too convinced with the others now but your recommendation helps and I might just go for one of yours as an interim measure for a couple of years until the MP1 comes down a bit. If it was £450 I would not have had to think about it.

Interesting. I’ll see what happens when I complete the 6 week FTP builder plan I’m on. I’m assuming you didn’t see much increase?
Seems to be spending a lot of time in low intensity zones, which I’m ok with. But I did expect some higher intensity workouts, to push the stamina boundaries.

My personal experience is that my side-to-side rocker plate alleviated about 80% of my saddle soreness. I can’t guarantee that it will work for you, but if you decide to give it a go, I’d be interested to hear whether or not it helps.

Totally agree with Gerrie’s recommendations. I’ve also found Boudreaux’s Butt Paste with Natural Aloe works well. It’s intended for baby diaper rash but the ingredients seem to help with saddle sores. Seems to be widely available at grocery stores and online.

I usually apply butt paste first and if that doesn’t work then move on to Preparation H.

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@Steve_Dickson59 Just re-reading your first post (particularly points 1 and 2). Are you saying that you were using the indoor trainer for some period of time without kit shorts (point 1) and potentially while wearing underwear (point 2)? I ask because you say that, “Through research [you] have tried the following:” and then you list the list. If so, it could be that you made yourself sore while not exclusively using kit shorts with a built-in chamois, and that you need to give your nether region a chance to recuperate before you make any significant decisions about new and/or different equipment in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

Or did I misunderstand? :thinking:

Try some different shorts.
I find my DHB shorts are not good for a turbo ride of over 45mins. The padding is too thick. Although fine for outdoors when you are moving around more.

There are some indoor training specific shorts coming out now. While you don’t really need them specifically, the trend is for a really snug fit (obvs) and a pretty thin pad.

Try this out. Worse case is that you have a new pair of shorts to use. A selection of bib shorts will also slightly distribute pressure/sore points from ride to ride.

No you didn’t misread. I did start off using cycling shorts and underwear at the very beginning. I got a bit sore then then looked it all up. That was about 4 months ago. I changed to bib shorts as I felt my cycle shorts were moving about and started using bib shorts, no underwear and chamois cream. I bought three sets of kit so that it was clean kit every time and I wash all of them every three days. This made a huge difference to the redness etc. and I had no problem with sore skin after that. I had about three weeks off due to a grumbling appendix so did nothing at all so I had no pain at all.

What I have is not sores. It’s pain in my sit bones and perineum area from sitting to much I think. I have no redness on the skin or anything similar. It started when I did a 1hr 50 min workout one day and a 2 hr workout the next.

Yes Tim they are very thick. Now that you mention it my rides up to an hour have all been fine. It’s been the rides over that.

Didn’t know there were turbo specific shorts. If I had seen them I would probably have thought of them as a gimmick to sell more. :joy::joy::joy:. I’ll have a look at thinner ones and use them. Do you have any recommendations for thinner ones? Financial controller is going to be happy. :joy::joy::joy:

Good advice on the different types of shorts moving the pressure points. As you say it will be no loss as I’ll use them anyway.

Yeah that was the one I did. I only completed 5 weeks of it and wasn’t feeling it. I redid my FTP and it had increased by only 5. From 149 to 154.

To give a bit of a disclaimer though. It could have been me and not Zwift of course. I’m new to all of this so that is a very distinct possibility. I’m sure that the plan is fine. I just felt I needed more input so I went for a plan from a coach that does it through TrainingPeaks. It has a plan for on bike and off bike with sessions of off bike strength and conditioning included amongst the cycling. I’m 52 so it a tailored plan for over 40’s. I chose intermediate rather than beginner or advanced. You may well be “cycling fit” already so don’t need things like that but I’m certainly new to proper workouts etc. His nutrition advice has also helped me greatly.

I’ve found TrainingPeaks to be absolutely brilliant too. Don’t know if you use it? This is a screenshot of my training pattern last week. (Week 2 of 6 week plan) I tried a 6 week one out to see if it was good. I’m already planning to do a 40 week one. You also get coach email support during the length of your plan.


I find their Performance Management Chart really useful too. You can see mine from here. You can see where I was doing the Zwift FTP stuff (I entered a couple of weeks manually) and then was ill for a few weeks then started the other training. I feel that the other training is better but that maybe personal.

If you need to know anything else give me a shout. You’re probably far more experienced than me but if I can help let me know.

Indoor-specific bib shorts Not sure they’re entirely worth it but the article is worth reading.
I like the Castelli Volo.
The Specialized RBX Pro is also good (slightly thicker pad than the Volo)

Thanks Tim. I’ll give that a go. Madison seems to be a brand that pops up in search too.