RUSSIAN language support

Hello from a biggest continent in the World!

A huge number of Russians are going Zwift. Please add an Russian language to the interface. Even you opponent, chineeseian “Onelap” free app has Russian. Why don’t you?
Hope to see it in future updates. Thanks.

I join the request, there are more than 260 million Russian speakers in the world. We are really looking forward to supporting the Russian language.


I join the request! my friends don 't use zwift yet because they don 't know English !


Translation costs money. It is sad, but I think we will not see Russian language in the list soon. I can help with translation, but I won’t do it for free :wink:


Hah… Typical Russian problem…
I can and i want to help with translation for free, absolutely. Just ask me for that, dear Zwift.


Yes, it is a typical Russian problem. To do something or even everything for free. Every job has to be paid for. I’ve translated firmware for a smartphone made by Kyocera, it wasn’t as easy as you think, it takes my free time, I didn’t earn money with this project but only pride that such a hard and interesting job was done. As Zwift is a commercial organization so I think they have the opportunity to pay for the translation into another language if there is demand for it.

It’s a shame that we pay for a subscription, like all members of the community, but we have to put up with the lack of localization (

I join the request! Даешь РУССКИЙ язык!

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I join to request!

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Can I vote for Ukrainian support?.


Поддерживаю великий и могучий русский язык!

I support the great and mighty Russian language!