Running with power

Is there a plan to incorporate estimated power like riding on non-smart trainer? For example, if I have the Runn which provides more accurate speed and incline will Zwift then use that data along with my weight, height, and the incline in the game to change the in-game speed. As I see it right now, there is no advantage to adjusting the incline of my treadmill currently to match in-game gradient.

As of right now there is no real standard for power when it comes to running. I have a Stryd and it has the ability (it’s main selling point?) of showing you your power numbers for running. Is it accurate? How do you know it is correct? I just don’t think we are there yet to accurately measure running power.

HR and pace is still the gold standard(s).


Yes, but isn’t that what Zwift did in the beginning and is currently doing with non-smart trainers. It is an estimate. It would be better than seeing someone run up Alpe du Zwift at 15 mph.

Again, there is no standard to measure power when running. At least with biking you could calculate power based on wheel speed and the trainer that is used, there is no way to do that with running. At best is would be a very bad estimate and would more than likely kill running on Zwift.

If someone is running at 15 mph I would flag them unless they are a pro.

BTW, I ride and run on Zwift and I like it that for running it is always flat.


I understand were you are coming from, but I like running hills. So, when I set the incline to match what is being shown on Zwift it feels like I’m getting penalized, kind of like I’m the only one with resistance on my trainer while everyone else is spinning away. This is only really an issue in races and keeping me more in gauged in the game. In training you get out of your training what you put in. But, without the hills I get bored pretty quickly and don’t see a point in doing my training on Zwift. This also doesn’t seem like it would kill Zwift running to me. Zwift didn’t die when it adjusted the speed for non-smart trainers when it first got off the ground. Plus, almost every treadmill has some sort of elevation adjustment. If you had something like the North Pole Engineering Runn device this would just pick up the incline just like it picks up the speed. Then it is an easy calculation since your weight is already in Zwift. Power is just measuring force, weight times acceleration divided by acceleration due to gravity. I work at a hydraulic calculation software company and this is all we do for all types of liquid. Of course we have to adjust for the friction caused by the roughness of the pipe and the viscosity of the fluid flowing, but it is basically the same thing. Would it be perfect? Absolutely not. But, would it be more engaging and fun? Absolutely.

Curious if you would also complain that your treadmill does not simulate down-hill descents?