Robopacers and your zones

What do you use Robopacer rides for?

  • Mostly Zones 1-2
  • Mostly VO2/Threshold
  • Both

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Currently endurance rides, but when Teleporting is released I expect I’ll use them for intervals as well.


Option 4?

  • What’s a Zone? I just ride

That leaves option 5: tempo

Or… SST?

Nope, no extra zones sorry. It’s fast and slow, or both.

I voted zone 2 but I don’t use them like I used to anymore, I just use them to find a breakaway group that will do a steady pace. The actual bots are totally useless.

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When I’m on a solo ride, I don’t know the speed of the pacer group - the names of the pacers don’t help me with pace / power. I wish the HUD would show their average speed / wattage / racing category.

I have an amazing idea. Write down their names and wkg on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall near your bike.

I should charge for these tips!

Taylor 1.1
Bernie 1.5
Miguel 1.8
Maria 2.2

Coco 2.6
Yumi 2.9

Jacques 3.2
Genie 3.7

Constance 4.2

BTW They all weigh 75kg want to calculate their output in watts

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I don’t mind doing that if I wasn’t paying $15/month! :slight_smile:

Just … wow. I can’t even. :rofl:

Enjoy your post it notes. :wink:

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Ha! I’m fortunate … I have a spongebrain :brain:

If they change the names I’ll have to relearn them, though :roll_eyes::rofl: