RoboPacer Routes

In the last post I saw it was stated that there would be one flat (fast) route and one climbing (slow) route for each Pacer. This week Miguel has both routes that have quite a bit of climbing and/or dirt. The Castle to Castle had about 1.5 miles of climbing and .8 miles of dirt on a 13.3 mile route. That’s a large percentage of 12-14 mph of riding. Not what I would call a flat route. What happened to Sprinter’s Paradise? That’s a great route. Why are you throwing in this horrible route? All dirt does is slow you down. No elevation or distance.

Does it really matter?

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Yes. Absolutely. For some of us that are older, 73, and have physical issues don’t really like climbing and really don’t like going slow for no reason. Most people that I’ve talked with don’t like the dirt which for some reason Zwift is enamored with. Check out the numbers on most RoboPacers routes comparing climbing vs flat routes. Also it was initially stated that they wouldn’t make both routes for a Pacer climbing. Castle to Castle has a pretty good climb in it.

I, too, would prefer each Pace-Partner RoboPacer routes had an absolutely pan-flat route option, though I’m not quite as fussed about the surface provided it’s not entirely slow dirt.

In case anyone hasn’t see the schedule, Z.I. has a good chart with links to the route details:

I’d further put in a plug for as you can search by route and get (IMO) an even better graphical representation of routes: ZwiftMap

The latter even shows surface types. This is for Castle-to-Castle:

  • Tarmac: 18.3km (82%)
  • Brick: 2.5km (11%)
  • Wood: 61m (0%)
  • Cobbles: 1.1km (5%)
  • Dirt: 380m (2%)

It’s pretty interesting to see the differences between the two Coco groups this week.

This morning Coco on Tempus had 220+ riders. The Makuri version had about 20.

If it were me I’d be clearing out false flat routes (Watopia flat route, waistband) and replacing them with Tempus, then also including ones like Sand and sequoias and for a hilly option putting in something with epic KOM which is hilly but not a huge struggle.

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Agree and appreciate the info on road surfaces. I’ve wanted to be able to see that for years but never stumbled onto it. Thanks.

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Cheers. Have a look at the Resource Wiki for more useful stuff: Zwift Resource Wiki 🗺

Great info. Thanks.

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This could be fun.