Rider gaze correction

One thing that I think would improve the rider’s experience would be to improve the gaze of the rider when in 1st person view mode. Presently, the view shown when in 1st person view is straight ahead, which is fine when the road is straight. But when approaching an intersection, the view is not directed toward the coming expected direction,it remains straight ahead and that is not the normal way to look at the road. In real life, the rider looks 10m or so in the intended direction, not always straight ahead. I don’t think this would be too difficult to put in place.

Love this! Also maybe tilting on turns. We’re probably in the minority of users who use first person


I always ride in first person view,it is more immersive. I even have the reflex of bending my elbows when I ride onto a bridge to absorb the incoming impact. Correcting the gaze direction to mimic what is natural during a real ride would greatly improve the immersion experience.

Would be kinda neat to be able to task one of the Play buttons so you can look back over your shoulder/under your arm too.