ride on reciprocity and easy to find monthly calendar

i love zwift  however i have a couple suggestions which seem so basic and cannot understand why zwift hasnt yet or doesnt accomodate … 1) put the monthly calendar in the mobile link app so users  can easily see what course is in use (personally i’d rather an option to use whichever course a user wants but this is probably not feasible)…at the very least make it easy to see what course is in play versus having to log on to game itself … 2) can zwift do a ride on reciprocity button…nothing more frustrating than being on the rivet and someone gives you a ride on that you want to reciprocate and you have to search for their name etc … please just have a bright orange ride on thumb that sends the rider back a ride on

  1. You can already see what course is in use on the ZML, it’ shows an image of the course at the top.

Not sure why you double posted this request.

yes you are right paul you can see the course on the mobile link. its not the course i’m looking to see  but the monthly calendar to see which days of the month are which course … currently to my knowledge the calendar can only be seen when logged into the game or going on zwiftblog or searching for it some way… would be handy to have it somewhere more accessible … 

The calendar is located here along with other helpful info: https://community.zwift.com/

And your second suggestion has been requested a few times before.