(Barry Gardner Pack) #1

Would it be possible to indicate in the mobile app which course is being used (I can only find the calendar when I use the program on my PC)?

Also, with a number of courses potentially being used in the future, could we have a page showing courses available and number of riders using each course?



(P Monaghan(NC)) #2

Great suggestion. My setup is in the garage and I don’t want to have to get the car out plug in my Kickr just so I can find out what course is in use. I have installed Zwift on my work PC but the calendar doesn’t pop up when you are in spectator mode.

(Andy Wiemers) #3

bumping this back up, It’d be great to have the routes calendar incorporated into the load screen?

As a work around, if you log in to Zwift and skip the pairing screen it is possible to load in, although obviously you cannot ride! I do this on my desktop to check the upcoming schedule, i use my laptop for Zwifting.

(Daniel Costas PACK) #4

It is June 18 and still we do not have the calendar in the app. 


Come on zwift make it happen