Ride Lead - no comms

Hi folks!

I just led the REVO Spin& Sprint and again no comms at all, I been experiencing this problem for 2-3 weeks, same happened when I led the ZA group ride which can be very frustrating. I am due to lead a ZA ride tomorrow so I would appreciate if you could advice me on what to do so I can make this ride successful.

Btw also is happening when I join the ZA group rides and I’m showing a super tan for the past 5 days. I been hearing a lot of my teammates that lead weekly rides have the same problem.
Look forward to hear from you.
Kind Regards.


Same here. Using Ipad and Iphone for app/ companion. Before leading or riding now I default to check FIRST for an update (since I know at some point this was linked to updates not being complete) but even with no updates, I can bounce into a ride and not have any communications. This seems to be happening more regularly, I’ll even try to log in and log out multiple times, and not have any communications. I think I saw this issue first about 6 months ago, and have been experiencing it more and more recently. It would be awesome if this could get fixed, I feel so badly when people join the rides and think no one can see them or chat with them.

Is there anything I can do to help? I can send files on specific days when I know I had problems if that would be something that is helpful for diagnosing. Thanks in advance!