Results of the 40k Holiday Challenge

We had a great response to the first annual Zwift 40k Holiday Challenge! 36 riders completed the 8 Laps of Pain!

Chris Stewart set the early pace with a solid 1:01:15 time. This was eclipsed by Zwift exec and former Olympian Mike McCarthy with the first effort under an hour of 59:35. Many of us thought Mike’s time would stand until South African rider Dion Guy received his beta invite in the midst of the holidays. Dion promptly bested McCarthy’s time by a jaw dropping 1:47, posting a time of 57:48 to take the overall win.

52 year-old David Ardley, another rider late to the party - but better late than never as they say - gave a great effort putting down another sub-hour time of 59:42 on Jan 3 to take 3rd place overall.

Angela Webster was the only woman to post a time. She had a solid effort at 1:22:47.

Nikolaj Bugge was the youngest rider at age 25 with a time of 1:19:20. Chuck Kozlowski and Mark Roberts were the oldest at age 55. Their times were 1:09:54 and 1:06:57 respectively.

Winners by age bracket

20-29 - Anders Bäckman - 1:05:06
30-39 - Chris Stewart - 1:01:15
40-49 - Dion Guy - 57:48
50-59 - David Ardley - 59:42

Full results are listed below for those who posted times in the 40k Challenge thread. Several riders rode 40k efforts that did not post times, perhaps because they weren’t aware of the challenge.

The official Strava Segment for the 40k can be found below:

Overall Results:

Dion Guy 42 0:57:48
Mike McCarthy 46 0:59:35
David Ardley 52 0:59:42
Chris Stewart 36 1:01:15
David Kiernan 41 1:03:29
Greg Gibson 52 1:04:16
Anders Bäckman 29 1:05:06
Christian Wiedmann 47 1:05:08
Adam Mullen 34 1:05:12
Simon Schofield 54 1:05:12
Tony Hocking 46 1:05:46
Steve Paltzer 38 1:05:53
Mike Brew 29 1:06:09
Mark Minn 31 1:06:46
Mark Roberts 55 1:06:57
Jesper Theil Hansen 49 1:08:17
Chuck Kozlowski 55 1:09:54
Eric Kutter 47 1:09:59
Phil Tischler 52 1:10:29
Eric Castren 47 1:10:55
Brook Mayberry 50 1:11:12
Michael Massadakis 38 1:12:32
Jeff Abbott 32 1:12:43
Walter Wong 45 1:13:19
Mark Williams 52 1:13:59
Frode Vullum 38 1:14:14
Chris Jones 31 1:14:52
Timojhen Mark 46 1:15:04
Kevin Keable 43 1:16:12
Luc Boileau 53 1:16:41
John Green 47 1:16:56
John Barrett 53 1:19:02
Nikolaj Bugge 25 1:19:20
Karl Litterer 47 1:19:58
Angela Webster 39 1:22:47
Cory Tomlinson 38 1:25:34

Thanks everyone for participating. Looking forward to many more fun Zwift events! I think we can all agree that training indoors this winter has been way more fun than it ever has!


Very well done for suggesting and organising Greg. And many congrats on your time. Us over-50s need to stick together, so great to see 3 of us in the Top Ten.

Greg, thanks for organizing this activity. I really enjoyed doing the 40k over the Holiday break.

This challenge was just what I needed to get back on the bike and wear off a few too many holiday cocktails! Looking forward to the next challenge and hope to have a few more women post their results :slight_smile:

Thank you for organizing the event Greg!