Last Week of the 40K Challenge! Get Your Ride On!

The 40K Holiday Challenge ends this Sunday January 4th. You have one week left to post your best 40k time on Zwift Island!

So far about 25 riders have participated. Former Olympian and current Zwift Exec Mike McCarthy posted a very evil time of 59:35, but fear not…we’ll also do an age graded break down. If you can’t beat Mike’s time, you can still win your age group.

Regardless, the actual numbers in your time really make no difference. What matters is that you just put up your own numbers by simply doing the best you can. This challenge is a fun challenge to bring out your best…and to at least have as much fun as possible while enduring 8 laps of pain! You’re a cyclist and you know cyclists just LOVE to suffer!

Post your time here:

Detailed instructions about the challenge here:

Zwift 40k Strava Segment with Leaderboard Here:


Greg, thanks for organizing the 40k TT challenge. What an excellent idea.

No sweat Chuck! We tried a 100k Challenge at Thanksgiving and I think 3 hours on the trainer is more than most people can bear. 40k seemed about right.

Ha! Eric - yeah 59:35 only to be eclipsed by 57 something. Wow. Pretty amazing the caliber of riders already assembled on Zwift Island.

If the times are split into groups, it seems like it should be by weight rather than age…