REQUEST: Robo-Pacer Route Schedule Page


Understandable. My secret is that I don’t much like the glow of the Tron bikes, and I wish I could turn it off in my own view. The cycling Robots are few and far enough between that they don’t get cluttered, but the Tron bikes can and do. I feel your pain :slight_smile:


Update: I just googled pics of the running robopacers. They are terrifying. The new PR holobots already look a little like my soul leaving my body when they appear on screen (and I like those). And the cycling pacers don’t bother me.

But for some reason the running pacers look like terrifying uncanny valley ghost horrors that are chasing after people to murder them.

Just wanted to say that.


Ha! Definitely a little creepy! :smile:

I found a good screenshot in my activity which shows what it’s like with all the robopacers running circles. Very busy on screen and… luminous!


At least runners don’t suffer draft effects when groups pass each other… This was interesting to witness amongst the cycling robopacers and what it did to the groups involved.


I have (checks Companion App) a whopping 2km and 14minute of running in Zwift. I think if I had regular access to a treadmill though, I’d probably use the pacers a bit.

I’d like to hear from regular runners: Do you find running in Zwift fun or boring?

On a bike, you’re whizzing along at 30+km/hr (especially with a PacePartner RoboPacer) so you get to explore a lot. I imagine running would be a bit more tedious and the bots would add some dynamism.

Oh man, I’ve been in one of those groups! Likely D.Maria or Miguel, we got passed by C.Cadence and were “sucked forward” in their draft. (at least that was how it felt)

I use it quite a lot. Running on a treadmill is boring. Zwift makes it marginally more enjoyable with the HUD off.

You can use a bit of a hack to automatically change the treadmill gradient. If that was baked in (no need to pretend the treadmill is a bike) it would be better still.

I only bother running solo. Anything with groups just seems a bit pointless.


I suppose I could Google, but can you run in Zwift by using a Garmin foot pod? I have in the past found myself on gym treadmills, and generally need some kind of distraction for them not to be horrible. If Zwift worked with my foot pod, that would be a solution.

Each to their own! I get my kicks out of running, but not cycling. It’s all thanks to Zwift though, as it makes treadmill running fun and I’d find it very boring without it.

Back to the pacers part of this discussion… I think they’re more pointless for runners. Surely if you want to run at a set speed, then that’s the speed you tap in to the treadmill. I see no point in running with a bot - I’d rather run alongside avatars representing real people with a community spirit, which is what Zwift is all about, right? I’d prefer pacers where optional like they used to be, by selecting to run with a pacer.

That’s my view on it as a runner anyway. I’m interested to know the views on robopacers from cyclists though. I’m guessing they’re more useful because you have to speed up and slow down to stick with them to meet targets (unlike treadmills where you set a speed and just keep up with the belt)

If you have a device that supports ANT+, yes. (Android phone with it built in, or with a USB-OTG adaptor and ANT+ dongle)

Alternately, the Garmin HRM-Pro and Pro+ HR chest straps are dual ANT+/BLE, and are effectively a footpod and running dynamics pod rolling into an HR strap.

My default ride most days is with a Pace-Partner Robo-Pacer, picking the W/kg pacer that matches my training readiness for the day.

And yes, the dynamicism of riding with them seems more engaging than a static-speed. It may be “steady state” at an average Watt/kg but you can move around the pack, drop back and sprint ahead or lead a climb and then coast downhill while the pack catches up. I also enjoy chatting with other riders using the Companion App. (I think every Zwifter should be using that as their in game “controller” and comms tool)

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the constance group at the moment on Tick Tock is a very good group, quick enough that nobody is surging ahead much - it’s a good steady pace.

There is one rider with the group who seems to be able to hold 4.7-5.0w for 70+km day after day though, but has a smart trainer so probably completely legit.

but it is super colorful, on the plus side! :grinning:


Indeed- cycling pace partners are very useful. It’s nice to have a group to ride with sometimes. (not to mention the draft for speed :grinning:)

Quick, belated thanks to @Mike_Rowe1 for linking to Zwift Insider’s RoboPacer schedule page up thread. I’ve marked that as the solution and added the link to the latest resource megathread.

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This solution is exactly what I need, but for the running RoboPacers. Does anyone know where I can find a schedule for those? I want to avoid May Field when they’re running there, which is where I run regularly. It’ll save me from getting the unpleasant surprise of seeing them and leaving the track each time.

It is frustrating that a running RoboPacer schedule is not listed anywhere.

For anyone old school like me it means marking May Field off for calendar weeks 3, 7, 11, 15, 19 …… in an old fashioned diary.

Im mindful that everyone has different hardware they are running Zwift on and people use the Home Screen in different ways. A quick scroll down the Home Screen, before you select your route, will immediately tell you where the RoboPacers are that day/week under The Find A Pacer group.

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Ah, that could work for me. I’ll take a look to see if I can find where they are from the Home Screen like you’ve suggested. Is that where you got your week numbers from then? I’d be tempted to do the same and note it on a calendar so that I don’t have to keep looking it up. Thanks for the tip!

I know they are on May Field this week (yearly calendar week 3)

I checked a few previous RoboPacer runs via Activity screen shots to get the four week rotation of others.

Assuming no big mistakes the order is:

Chilli Pepper -W1
That’s Amore - W2
May Field - W3
5K Loop - W4

and obviously/hopefully then every four weeks.


Ah, I see - Thank you!

My thoughts exactly.