Remove auto braking

With PD4.1 it already have an embedded feature to stop churn, let’s remove auto breaking.

The random trigger when you coast, greatly reduce momentum when you want to drift in slowly, but abruptly.

Here I am doing 844 watts after a sprint, i coast for and for a milsec I am hit with auto brakes. Just let me coast to the rider ahead of the one directly in front, I just put in 800+ watts, I should retain some of those energy I created.

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here you are a millisecond later the autobrake is off. It seems to be working just as expected you have pretty much stopped pedalling so the options are.

  1. autobrake you.
  2. Push you to left or right but you won’t move forward as you will be into the headwind.

Both solutions keep you at the same placement on the course but i’d say being pushed sideways is probably the more annoying option.

You don’t get free watts like you did in pd4.0 there really is no momentum lost here you coast along with the rider in front up to the rider in first without an issue. If you moved through a pack every time you did a couple watts more it would be like the washing machine effect of pd4.0 which we have thankfully got rid of

I would advise pulling that sauce window over the power if you are really that bothered this is a non-issue.

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