Rear Axle loose on Kickr Core Zwift One (WKCZO) [April 25, 2024]

Hi guys,

I have just received my new Kickr Core with the Zwift hub. I have the problem that I have a slight play in the rear axle. I have installed the 148mm adapter, which should actually fit. I used the part already installed on the opposite side. Have I done something wrong or is it the same with you? The loose fit is only in axis direction.

Thank you for the help!

in the two pictures i moved the wheel back and forth

Hi @max_teubl, welcome to Zwift Forums!

I’m sorry to read you’re having a problem with the setting of your device. I would suggest trying the quick guide for setting up your Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One to make sure it was set up properly. Find attached the links in this article.

If the issue persists we would like to continue troubleshooting this situation in specific. For this, please feel free to contact our Support.


thank you for your response! I can‘t reach the zwift chat support because after i press the button on the page nothing happens!? Does the support chat not work on ios devices?

I would also like to report that one of the locking nuts for the feet of the appliance has a manufacturing defect. The assembly worked, but I injured my finger due to a razor-sharp burr. This should never happen!

Hi @max_teubl, thanks for your reply.

Chat support should work on any device, I’ll make sure to internally pass this feedback to the appropriate team to prevent future issues.

I’m going to continue this over email to better address this situation. Look for an email from me shortly.