Ray tracing?

(Peter Lin) #1

I’m planning to get RTX 2060 and was wondering if Zwift will support ray tracing. It would be nice and I’d be happy to beta test ray tracing feature and send any bug reports. I’m getting it for doing machine learning, so it would be nice to see Zwift take advantage of it. In particular the edge of the road on the mountain climbs look bad and feels a bit jarring to me with a 2K monitor and 1070 gpu.

Ray Tracing Support
(Daren) #2

They’re jarring on a small monitor too. The road hovering a foot from the ground is one of the quaint idiosyncrasies of Zwift. Particularly on AdZ where you can see the road below through the gap between the asphalt and the grass or snow. :smiley:

(Peter Lin) #3

LOL, it totally bothered me too the first few times on AdZ, but now I just go a bit harder so that I focus on the burning sensation in my legs instead of how annoying that bug is.

(Peter Lin) #4

I just ordered rtx 2060. Please adding ray tracing support, I will happily beta test it. thanks!

(Stavros Avramidis) #5

I know its a feauture that only 1% of the users might use but Ray tracing support will be dope to have.Idk what engine zwift uses but Nvidia states that is only a bit of trouble.
Also it just works… :joy:

(S) #6

YES PLEASE. Just got a 2060 and think this would be incredible.